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You can … Flat 25% Off On All Orders At The Beauty Fridge. Cha-ching! The beauty and style experts at StyleCaster are on the fence when it comes to refrigerating your makeup.  There are some things that totally should go in there like eye creams and serums (it can help with de-puffing), pencils, anything organic, and eyeshadow.  And, well, some things should never go in there like oils (they can separate and congeal), lipstick, and your favorite perfume. How cool is this one!  It’s got a super chic retro flair to it, it’s portable, and pink!  What more could you and your skincare essentials ask for? Like most of our girlfriends, you must have noticed the beauty refrigerator trend on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube. Talk about a win-win. There’s a hot and cold setting which blows my mind! Experience a refreshing cold face mask, you deserve it! ... Jade Roller, Cosmetic - Mini Fridge for Skin Care Products, Health, Beauty Fridge - Wellness Mini Cooler, Mini Makeup Fridge. Pitch Black is ready to dispatch now (though we've still thrown in a 10% discount!). Here are six best skincare fridges you can buy, plus the benefits of using of a beauty fridge. BUY NOW. Beauty Fridge is here to save you from your skincare and beauty woes (phew!). shipping -17%# 2 Werseon Beauty refrigerator Skincare Mini Fridge... $79.99 $66.21 Buy Now Price incl. Small enough to comfortably fit in your vanity or makeup area but large enough to contain the skin care products that benefit from storage in a cool place, The Cosmetics Fridge is the ideal solution for the beauty enthusiast! © 2021 Beauty Fridge™. See more color options here! Cool your sheet masks and other skincare products and prolong product shelf life. Early Black Friday deals. tax, excl. With a design both efficient and cute, this small fridge is designed to take care of the products you’ve invested in and extend the life of your beauty investments. So do you really need to store your makeup in the refrigerator?  The short answer?  Sort of.  Read on! The beauty and style experts at StyleCaster, It also comes in white with a dry-erase option, These Best Selling Refrigerators are On Sale This Month. It is time to store your investments where they are treated as investments. Refrigerate your essentials so they last! It's really nice to have extra storage for my products, as I am a skincare and beauty enthusiast. We aren’t about gimmicky products that don’t work. Beauty Fridge re-invests the way in which skin and beauty products are stored. Not just what looks good on the ‘gram, actually. Finally! 3. SHOW DEAL. By storing your beauty products at an optimal temperature, you are extending your product's shelf life. Beauty products you should keep in the fridge Sheet masks, face mists and serums are good contenders for the fridge. More to See:Tarte Promo Codes, Coupons & Major Sale!These Best Selling Refrigerators are On Sale This MonthUp Your Wine Game With These Amazing Wine Fridges!Sio Beauty Promo Codes, Coupons & Sale Items! Up Your Wine Game With These Amazing Wine Fridges! Our range of standalone fridges include both tall and under-counter models, finished in black, white, stainless steel or retro designs to suit your style and pocket. It’s super funky, will add a pop of fun to your room and, let’s be honest, is going to look great in all your Insta stories.  See more color options here! A refrigerated product may also help calm and de-puff skin and tighten pores whilst giving a more soothing effect than a room-temperature product. By storing your beauty products at an optimal temperature, you are extending your product's shelf life. Verified and Tested. The Beauty Fridge provides beauty lovers alike a stylish and effortless solution that fits seamlessly into their beauty regime.

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