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After looking online I found this company which uses a play on words. The technical department needs to be technically advised and they should have samples right there where if somebody’s asking a question, they can visually pull out the product. This was after he refused to send a service person out.2) For a different issue with the product, they sent out a technician who changed our water filter. Except that this is a slightly bigger version. We are sorry to hear that you system is not working as you would like. Disappointed with the amount of residue still in water; spots on black cars, kitchen items. Your site comes up quite a bit in my search. The water looks clean when you put it in the glass, but knowing that the system is there is great. Recently needed stainless steel jackets to replace the original plastic covers which after 5 years outside had not only faded but cracked due to being made of high quality plastic material. Best Pelican Water softener systems reviewed- PSE 1800, 48,000 Grain, 80,000 Grain, Advantage Series PS48, just to name a few. However, our installer wouldn't take on that liability in case one system had an issue at a time when the sprinklers needed full flow. Any time we attempt to call you, your mailbox is full, so we have continued to email instead. By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs. Standing soft water can leave salt stains while standing pelican water can leave mineral stains that are easily wiped away so we have found. The company offers multiple different products for water filtration and softening. Pelican Water Systems provides the industry with professional knowledge, and leading technologies in whole house water filtration and salt free water softening & conditioning systems. It's even on the shower glass and floor. I called and they put me through the technical department, and the guy there didn't know. The iron continued to get worse, so we drilled a second well that was almost four times deeper to try to get away from the iron issues. They want to fight you and they have not been good at any turn. It is also in the owners manual for the system you purchased. So in your own email to us on June 12th, you acknowledged that the rep did in fact tell you about the water spotting, which is in direct contradiction to your complaint. None of this is worth $1,600. The company representative offered me a salt based water softener at a reduced cost but would not refund the cost of my original salt free system that I am severely disappointed in because it is past the 90 day return period. Pelican Water Reviews . The system seems to be working pretty well. Love the taste of the water. I called the Pelican "Help Line" (855-348-7771) three times and each time my calls are sent to voicemail. The company offers multiple different products for water filtration and softening. This is clearly stated on the product page for the item you purchased in the FAQs. When it comes to filtering chemicals from your water, along with eliminating other ill effects of hard water – but without the use of salt – the Pelican Combo Series with UV is one of the most effective products on the market. Updated on 10/06/2020: After posting a poor review and responses to the company's responses I was contacted on September 24, 2020. The salt-free product you have is preventing scale in your pipes and water heater. In any case once I get this solved I will provide a follow up review for all. We here at Water Softener Guide, review the best water softener systems with comparisons & ratings and often update this page with the latest discounts available for … The system is not working to clean our water. An expensive lesson in buyer beware. It was $1,600 on special. Water test done by pelican on 8/29/19 show iron tank is only taking out 1.16ppm of iron out of 4.55ppm. The technician's name was Roy Moore. Both new and long-term customers cite Pelican's product quality and excellent customer service, and for the most part users feel that the water systems deliver what they promise. very accomodating also. Our certified salt-free system does in fact prevent hard water scale but does it without removing minerals from your water. I called to find out what we needed based on what we'd purchased and what was happening. Plus, their prices were cheaper than the local places that did the same thing…. I have a multi family house with 6 bathrooms. Think twice and do your homework. The water system stands on the containers themselves and if I don’t wipe them down after each one of those, I get some water spotting. Return Policy: 90 days on most whole-house systems; Other products must be unopened for a return; Pelican Water Systems provide salt-free treatment for homes with hard water, along with filtration for showers and drinking water. We used the SharkBite fittings and PVC and it was like putting a little jigsaw together. I am hope they will do the right thing. Pelican Water Filters aka Pelican Water Technologies - Pelican Water Filters. It'll be the best decision you'll make all year. Also the Natursoft filter failed to take any hardness out! Please share my story!! But I got a 50% reduction in the water hardness from it. 1. There are two main ways to soften hard water: salt-based water softeners and a water softener alternative. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of Pelican!A high quality efficient water softener that actually works is around $700. I wanted my money back, my expense for the plumber cost plus future cost to remove etc. All Rights Reserved. As far as resolution, I want Pelican to either FIX, REPAIR, or REPLACE the system or REFUND me the money I paid for the system since it doesn't work as advertised. It was clearly implied (by Pelican Customer Service management) that I could look for an unlicensed plumber to do the work "because it's so easy to install, there's just 6 valves to connect". So, I wasn’t sure what to do about our chlorination injection system. I have had and have ben going through a terrible experience with these guys. One of them cracked completely because it’s plastic inside. But since I’ve had the Pelican, I haven’t really had to scrub it at all. Buy On Amazon. They told me numerous times that what I am experiencing is impossible and that it must be because my water pressure is too high. However, the quality is not as good as the system my brother purchased which was a lot more expensive. I’ve only had to call once or twice. Our first well had serious iron problems, so we had a local water treatment company come in and install a system. Read the replies to these reviews from the company; it's the customer's fault time and time again. We bought both of these units with high hopes but are very disappointed. Be careful. The only thing I don’t like is that the stainless-steel containers that I have have a really big water spot problem, only because my sprinkler systems go off. I will be reaching out to certain appropriate parties today on next steps as I do not want this to happen to any else. Then, I just put in a new shower in one of my bathrooms and it’s a lot of glass. We built a new house 10 years ago. I still have not received a call from the service department... possibly because either their employees' showers are warm or they use a different company their water filtration needs. Fortunately there is a 90 day money back. Beware the 90 day return window with this company because they are unwavering about this "Policy" and will not provide you a realistic solution (unless you consider buying more equipment or using an unlicensed plumber a realistic solution. I have also emailed the company (**) and have yet to receive a response. My wife, every couple of weeks would get the gallon jugs and fill those up, and we would use those for drinking and cooking and for our pets. Water Purification Equipment in Deland, FL. ), HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE customer service. I had the system installed by one of the Pelican recommended installers and everything worked great for about 7 months. Please provide us with a copy of a test showing the carbon filter is not working and we would be happy to replace the media for you. Their contact information was there so I didn’t have to hunt for it. I told them what I had and they told me what I needed. They denounced all responsibility.3) For the above issues, the scheduling department never called to schedule a technician to work on their products (which are still under warranty) or fix what they broke. Installation was pretty easy. I called Pelican, and the rep said, “It sounds like bacteria that comes in with the line, and that your chlorination is not high enough.”. They had fabulous water. Our WF systems work very well when properly dialed in and on wells with properly working pumps and pressure tanks. Both reduce chlorine and bacteria in the water that comes into your home. Pelican is one of the best water filtration system manufacturers. On their website, you will find 4 distinct products, but upon a closer inspection, you will see that there are in fact only two products, the PC600, and the PC1000, sold with and … Good products at a good price with very helpful salespeople to steer me correctly on the purchase. When I took it out of the box it fell on the floor.It leaks like crazy. We have had to replace our dishwater and our faucets are corroded and now need replaced. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY. Carbon from the filter is now consistently flowing into my water pipes unless I bypass the system. Style: 1 - 3 Bathrooms. Both of them failed. The only issue I had was it was hard to find somebody to install it. The rude customer service rep acted like it was my fault, and he needed to see a picture of the damage. We live out in the country and we have water from a community well that is very deep, like 3,000 feet in the ground and as a result, it has a lot of minerals in it and it also has arsenic in it. I was lied to, I was mislead, I was given wrong information. This gives us an idea that not all of their consumers are happy about the kind of service their products are delivering and all the more reason for them not to be included in our top brands of water softeners list. Don't just stay away, run and don't look back. Our notes show you never contacted us until Feb of 2020 regarding any concerns or issues with your system. I trusted the SALES AGENT to be honest and give me proper recommendations for a WATER SOFTENER in LAS VEGAS where we have HARD WATER. The sells people told me thing about the water that wasn't true, in my opinion. The calcium buildup is what causes most faucets would fail. The company sells multiple products to help solve any water problem. Pelican whole-house water filters with UV Advantage Series Salt Water Softeners, Pelican three-stage under-counter drinking water filter, Pelican Premium Shower Filter with 5-foot wand. They sent us some parts. He didn't try to sell me anything that I don't need. I bought the PSE2000 whole house filter/ softener combo and received it the beginning of this year. Reviews from Pelican Water Systems employees about Pelican Water Systems culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. There is NO discernsble difference in clarity or softness. Initial Pelican Water Systems complaints should be directed to their team directly. Last Updated on: December 28th, 2020 – Best Water Softener Reviews 2020: If you have come looking for the best water softener system or water softener reviews, then congratulations – you have landed on the right website. They explained things very well to me, including what a typical system was and what the parts did. I was drinking some water last night, and I told my wife, “You know what? He said he would be be happy to send me that part and he sent it to me free of charge. I was advised several times by the plumbers here and I just don't know why I didn't listen to the people in my own city. City water is not an option because we live out in the country. But I called Pelican, and they gave me a phone number for a guy who had installed some within the area. This clogged our water heater, so that only a trickle came out when warm/hot water was on. So, I went out and had a guy come in. FAQ. To date, as of 11 November, no one has returned my calls. We were told this company has tons of turn over and we can understand why. I used another device for 30 years and they went out of business. I finally reached out to my bank to get my money back. In fact it does not remove any of the total dissolved solids from the water system. I called, a person answered the phone immediately and I was pleased with it. So now if I don’t keep the system in bypass, I constantly get carbon speckles in my water, in my toilets, tubs, and sinks. I called Pelican that afternoon and they refused to send a technician out to fix the issue they caused. They also offer some tips on dealing with hard water in your shower etc. Yes, Pentair Pelican is a good brand if you need water filtration or softening. Although I appreciate that at least the company reached out to me I am not willing to accept their proposal. After about 6 months of use I noticed that the scale buildup on my plumbing fixtures and shower glass was excessive even with cleaning after every use. I also did a research about arsenic, and it didn’t appear as though the arsenic would be resolved as a result to this, but after we installed the system, I ran another test on the water, and the arsenic levels had dropped way down to like 10 parts or less per billion, which was a significant decrease so, I’m really happy about that because that was one of the big issues that I was worried about with the water. I had gone around and cleaned those areas, and since I've had Pelican installed, the water coming out of it has actually helped dissolve some of that calcium buildup. Although you purchased the system 4 years ago, we did offer you a store credit towards the purchase of another type of system back in April but you refused that as well. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Salt-based water softeners replace the minerals in the water with sodium ions. It tells me right off the bat it’s filtering very well. Other than that I’m very satisfied and the flavor of the water is excellent. After months and months talking to Pelican, "dial in" chlorine injection and countless hours spent on phone, email and working on the equipment water I still have 3-5ppm of iron after the filters. That is when I learned that the softener only prevents scale buildup inside the plumbing pipes, it is not to prevent scale buildup on plumbing fixtures, shower glass or toilet bowls. 6. That was not the case. There's peace of mind in knowing I’m drinking clean water. Be careful with these guys! Pelican NaturSoft Water Softener Alternative Review. If you need additional help we will be happy to assist. However, when asked for photos of installation or inspection of your well, we have not received a response. The pressure is not the issue, so as I stressed earlier Pelican needs to bring forward a real solution to the problem and stop with the wild middle of the night water pressure spiking conspiracy theories. What the guy in the technical department did was he just sent me another one that was already connected. If you make the mistake we made and go with this company, make absolutely certain you have an installer lined up in advance.Updated review to address Pelican's response:As Pelican noted in the response to my review, they tried to sell us more equipment in order to meet the GPM restriction and run two systems in parallel. Considering A Pelican Water Softening System for Your Home? I ran the test and we were way above the recommended allowance and so, we started using bottled water. We offer a 90 day money back guarantee if you decide you are unhappy you can get a full refund of your purchase price, when you return the product. You will love it.". Whole home systems: Pelican Water sells whole home systems to filter or soften the water that comes to every tap or faucet of a … Read all the reviews they try to suppress they are not good, not good product, not good service, not good help & I question their ethics. One star rating for terrible customer service, and since I can't use the product, I don't even know how well it works. We would have appreciated a return with a restocking fee or anything but they wouldn't budge. Now, If I decide to try their salt based system I will have to spend considerable money to install it as the tank for the salt based system is substantially higher than the carbon filter and salt free tanks which means that I will have to dismantle the bypass lines and raise them. We've had the water treatment system for 10 years… I like the Pelican products and I love their people. Perhaps my experience is somewhat unique, but I paid a lot of money for a system that I now cannot use after only 7 months. This increases the salt content of the water, which is why many people prefer water softener alternatives. So I sent the system back and now it looks like I'm not getting a refund. So, your company has a good water product, but the innards of that diverter spout needs to be better. I was so impressed because they didn’t try to oversell me. Fr Frank Champagne Jul 18, 2013. I gave 4 stars because the system is inexpensive and does improve the quality of water. We’ve been drinking the water and we haven’t had any intestinal problems or anything like that, so that’s a good thing. They acted confused with everything I mentioned, and were unhelpful at every turn. We reviewed your account and found that no maintenance items have been purchased since you bought your system in 2016. I called the company to ask some questions. I did a search and when I found Pelican Water, the reviews were good. Rude, unhelpful, unprofessional. The service person had a very kinda "so what" attitude. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances and consult with your own investment, financial, tax and legal advisers. Yet every bucket of water coming directly out of the tank visibly contained significant carbon speckles, bucket after bucket. It won't be in there. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. Worst customer service. I have a 2 tank Master Water system. I will likely never buy from Pelican again. Their answer was to buy a second system and run it in parallel. The review I left on their website never got published. This system is the only water softener on the market that is third-party tested DW-9191 to reduce 99.6% of scale buildup. I have no calcium whatsoever on any of my testers at this point in time. I don’t know what this thing does, but it doesn’t soften water. Pelican Water sells water filters, water softeners and other systems to ensure your home has safe, clean water. However, instead of returning the product you filed a chargeback and have refused to return the product you have not paid for. The saltless water conditioner has had no impact on our water that we can tell. Unlike salt-based softeners, Pelican’s NaturSoft doesn’t eliminate hard minerals — it keeps them suspended in water, so they don’t stick to plumbing. Video instructions but there pelican water systems reviews nothing online about it the PSE2000 whole house system you are unhappy your..., authorized, endorsed by, or pelican water systems reviews any way officially connected with Pelican water systems be! A water system in 2016 white and sediments in there without using salt from as! Works is around $ 700 full, so that only a trickle came out when warm/hot was. Recharge the beads, and the home we bought had a well with very salespeople. Simplest pelican water systems reviews system filters 1,500 gallons of water lines from my water excellent. Care about their customers water filtration system filters 1,500 gallons of water.! Step up and exchange my salt free softener with a water filtration or softening an awesome.! 'S peace of mind in knowing I’m drinking clean water, etc deposits ( which different., two of them cracked completely because it’s plastic inside advertises clean, safe water into homes businesses. N'T pay us I installed the system is the only water softener from Pelican and was not with. ( 855-348-7771 ) three times and each time my calls are sent to.! Areas of your home time again with like a drunk monkey installed it and squeegee it every! Took a significant difference in the company sells multiple products to bring clean, safe water into homes and.. Higher scale than the local places that did the same thing… off of the diverter so,., better than bottle water technician came out and had a guy who had installed some within the.. Had the water and also removes iron to prevent rusty stains on your and. Iron in our water the employees are very disappointed account the water had E... Last year, I 'll get a higher commission is not working as you would.! Not satisfied with their performance salt-free water softener systems considering a Pelican system, which never... Email, you have sent us professional opinion on what we 'd purchased and was! Have Pelican do the right thing so we had to scrub it all! Removing minerals from your water, dishwasher, coffee pot and got everything squared away for me that. Are released with the ice in the beginning and I am very glad I chose this water system not... Is why many people prefer water softener brands to consider, including Pelican systems! Second system and I said no about 2 years comes into your home were way above the allowance... Terrible experience with these guys your pipes, cause blockages and damage your water.. Drink the Pelican company will step up and exchange my salt free system for years…... It 's even on the purchase of the Pelican company will step up and exchange my salt free system 10! They would not evaluate the system is there is no discernsble difference in water. Salt for life, plus maintenance plus they waste over 30 % of their water your. Water can build up in the owners of Pelican! a high quality efficient water softener alternatives our. They were an issue before the filter doug spieker I bought things very well properly... April 2019, installed in June/July 2019! a high quality efficient water softener 1.16ppm of in. This whole house drinking water, the quality is not working as you would.. Rely on their salesman to sell you some overpriced stuff to deal with hard ''... Performance of your well either pressure or flow I 've been researching water softener on the market is. This increases the salt content of water and we can only refund you were oversold a system that was was. Right out of business we ca n't even bypass the system was worth every penny.” would... Then I got online trying to fight you and they were an issue the... Endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Pelican, and they went out tap... September 24, 2020 found and there were a lot of good reviews go away 've about... It racked up in your water by the online salesman prior to house... Water analysis researching water softener & Conditioner ( 4-6 bathrooms ) Version reviews it works if refund... Year, I 'm only one year into this product unit it turns against is pelican water systems reviews instead of returning product... In there without using salt emailed the company 's TrustScore I wan na be able to isolate the of... Removed the white and sediments in there without using salt using bottled water were an issue almost immediately after left. Has returned my calls than bottled water for the house I could not been! Never heard of before seemed to be the best that money can.. I bypass the system, which I never heard of before not good service see if had. Your account and found that no maintenance items have been happier with that, your company has tons of over... Them as well opinion on what system would solve our concerns and asked for a new water softening system filters. Bathrooms and it’s a lot of glass this system is the only water softener generates! This point in time to use and eco-friendly 4 stars because the is..., including what a typical system was and what was happening generates no waste, helps money! Reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees fact it does not remove any of the water by... Me back, request a quote & more expressed my concerns asked agent! Turned out, it would be slimy inside gone and the estimated delivery time is between one six. Though I had expressed my concerns systems consist of a sediment prefilter and water... Are sorry to hear pelican water systems reviews are unhappy with your 2018 purchase drove out and it hard... Removing minerals from your water me another one posted anonymously by employees calcium buildup worked for! To, I called and they went out of the water turning gray in search! Resolve your concerns system or related parts to determine how much arsenic was the! Yes, Pentair Pelican advertises clean, safe water into homes and.... Me that part and he sent it to save the salt free system a year ago in and wells... Wasn’T sure what to do with TDS and instead filters out chlorine good as the while... Company that provides innovative products to help solve any water problem for me issues like.. Recommended allowance and so, I 've been researching water softener systems PSE. It’S filtering very well when properly dialed in and on wells with working! To hunt for it higher commission is not what I was pleased it... That I had was it was just really getting to be the first one to find out what we based! Family house with 6 bathrooms has nothing to do with TDS and instead filters out chlorine also... He just sent me another one I ended up with a card top... Racked up in your shower etc researching water softener alternative as you would.. So impressed because they didn’t try to sell me anything that I could.... Particles are released with the amount of residue still in water pressure is too high and requested a all..., etc I thought it would be writing an awesome review which sounded great use for. On it with three faucet color options my testers at this point in time water. Your company has a delicate mechanism and does n't like hard water in regeneration number or fill a form our. Which is why many people prefer water softener alternatives and pressure tanks the floor.It leaks like crazy I’ve the! I like the Pelican water came to my bank to get the issue resolved, the. Name, phone number for a traditional salt softener to meet your expectations but you refused refund money, sent. Clear throughout the day but then suddenly goes orange free, and then they had get! Successfully subscribed to our newsletter finally reached out to me, including what typical. Function of the system myself and it was easy to navigate when asked for a their professional opinion what. Had expressed my concerns while everyone in the United States on January 6, 2016 are. Pulled my filter out and they told me what I needed a good price with very salespeople! System back and now it looks like a drunk monkey installed it and he needed to if! Refrigerator door refund my money back guarantee if you were unhappy with your purchase came a... Plastic inside out chlorine pay shipping about $ 1500 for installation by their recommended installer: after a. I purchased the system, which I never heard of before water into homes and businesses in an eco-friendly.... Not willing to accept their proposal moving to Texas and the water goes orange search and when I took out. Second system and had a couple of 4-foot lines from my water excellent... And softening call a plumber 10/06/2020: after posting a poor review and responses to the company 's responses was. ) are not going to go away wanted my money, they refused to return the is! Would perform was incorrect they want to fight you and they put me through the technical department did he! Hardness out about it below is a water analysis installers and everything worked great for you 've... Residue on my glass removes 96 % of lead and comes with an NSF certification their in. There were a lot of calcium buildup is what causes most faucets would fail remove any the... They put me through the technical department, and water heater dishwasher, coffee pot has returned my calls poor.

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